Health & Safety

We are proud to take a leading role in the industry within this area and have worked proactively with the following organisations to shape the industry’s thinking:

School Travel Forum – Our CEO, Brendan Jones, was the joint founder of this organisation over 10 years ago and its former Chairman. The STF has led the field in improving Health and Safety standards on school trips and is acknowledged as the authority on youth travel within the UK. Along with its best in class Health and Safety management system adopted by our companies, it continues to implement and improve standards across the industry. We are proud to have been part of this journey.

SYTA – Our North American brands have been involved with SYTA since its inception. SYTA aim to develop, promote and advocate for safe professional group student travel across America. We are proud to have supported and been an active member of this organisation for many years.

BAPA – The British Activity Providers Association assures quality, safety and value for residential activity centres and day camps. JCA has been a very active member in helping develop these standards over the years with a number of current and former employees sitting on the Board of this organisation. We are proud to have been associated with it.

British Standard 8848 – is the British Standard for organisations and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK. For World Challenge, this is embedded in the DNA of the organisation. This standard allows adventurous organisations to manage risk in a structured way. The standard aims to minimise the risks of adventure travel. We are proud to be a part of supporting this very important safety standard within the expeditions sector.