Experience Education is comprised of 2 primary brands, each with its own personality and character. Yet we have a shared set of beliefs and values which unite us.

Inspiring young
people to travel

The Experience Education team has a strong energy and belief that a critical
part of the development of young people is to
travel and experience different environments
and cultures, which enhances their learning and development. We love that we are part of this and we will continue to strive to achieve
this and go ‘above and beyond’ to provide young people with unique, life-changing experiences.

Learning outside
the classroom

We bring the curriculum to life and provide students with unforgettable experiences
which enhance their learning and make it more fun and memorable.
Teachers agree with us that learning outside the classroom is vital
to broaden a student’s understanding. With this in mind, we won’t settle for ‘it’s good
enough’ and we continue to improve and develop our service
and product offering to provide maximum learning outcomes.

Providing a safe

Health and Safety is our key priority and is at the forefront
of our thinking at all times. We believe this is fundamental to any educational
trip and all of our teams have this front of mind when planning an itinerary.
We are proud to be industry leading in this area.