A collection of experiential educational travel brands.

Experience Education is at the forefront of global educational travel. We are one of very few companies of this kind in the world with our portfolio focusing exclusively on educational travel. We operate on 3 continents with 5 brands. Each brand is individually operated creating unique travel experiences that are built around providing learning outside the classroom experiences. Our aim is to create unique travel journeys based around specific destinations and areas of study. Having this specific focus has allowed our brands to become best in class.

Our customers demand  a high level of experience both in terms of learning outcomes and operating within a safe environment. Health and Safety is one of the areas in which we are most proud as we have shaped much of the policy that is now seen as industry standard. We can provide this excellent level of service as we have been doing it for so long. Most of our brands have been operating for at least quarter of a century and many far longer. Throughout our history we have moved and enthused millions of young travellers. Our customers come back again and again and our teams are passionate about the service we provide.